Cancelled Events

Cancelled Auditions, Master Classes, Competition

Event Date - Type Company Event State
2/4/2019 Summer Nashville Ballet   WA
2/4/2019 Yearround Nashville Ballet   WA
1/27/2019 Summer Ellison Ballet   MN
1/27/2019 Yearround Ellison Ballet   MN
1/26/2019 Summer Ellison Ballet   Canada
1/26/2019 Yearround Ellison Ballet   Canada
1/20/2019 Summer Kaatsbaan   CT
1/20/2019 Summer Pennsylvania Ballet   CT
1/20/2019 Yearround Ellison Ballet   IL
1/20/2019 Summer Ellison Ballet   IL
1/20/2019 Summer New England Movement Arts   MA
1/20/2019 Summer Orlando Ballet   MA
1/20/2019 Yearround Orlando Ballet   MA
1/20/2019 Summer Kansas City Ballet   MO
1/20/2019 Yearround Kansas City Ballet   MO
1/20/2019 Summer New York Summer School Arts   NY
1/20/2019 Summer Nashville Ballet   OH
1/20/2019 Yearround Nashville Ballet   OH
1/20/2019 Summer Carolina Ballet   PA
1/20/2019 Summer Point Park Univ   PA
1/20/2019 Summer Chautauqua Institution   PA
1/20/2019 Master Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet   PA
1/20/2019 Summer Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre   VA
1/20/2019 Yearround Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre   VA
1/19/2019 Summer School of American Ballet   IN
1/19/2019 Company Gregory Hancock Dance Theatre   IN
1/19/2019 Summer Milwaukee Ballet   MO
1/19/2019 Yearround Milwaukee Ballet   MO
1/19/2019 Summer Carolina Ballet   OH
1/19/2019 Summer Harid Conservatory   OH
1/18/2019 Summer Carolina Ballet   IL
1/13/2019 Summer Harid Conservatory   DC
1/13/2019 Summer Nashville Ballet   DC
1/13/2019 Yearround Nashville Ballet   DC
1/13/2019 Summer Richmond Ballet   VA
1/13/2019 Company Richmond Ballet   VA
1/13/2019 Yearround Richmond Ballet   VA
1/12/2019 Summer Burklyn Ballet   MO
9/23/2018 Master Ballet Detroit   FL

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