Cancelled Events

Cancelled Auditions, Master Classes, Competition

Event Date - Type Company Event State
3/3/2018 Summer Alvin Ailey   MO
3/3/2018 Yearround Alvin Ailey   MO
3/3/2018 Summer Joffrey School NYC   VA
3/2/2018 Summer Harid Conservatory   MA
2/25/2018 Company Hong Kong Ballet   CA
1/28/2018 Summer Suzanne Farrell   TX
1/27/2018 Summer Suzanne Farrell   NM
1/20/2018 Summer Ballet Austin   NC
1/20/2018 Summer Suzanne Farrell   TN
1/6/2018 Summer Alvin Ailey   KY
1/6/2018 Yearround Alvin Ailey   KY
1/5/2018 Workshop Alvin Ailey   KY
1/5/2018 Summer Suzanne Farrell   NY
1/4/2018 Summer Burklyn Ballet   VT


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